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T’zuna Bria Publishing Company, LLC is a privately owned company that is responsible for distributing the Green Monster four book nutrition series. These books help children and their parents learn healthy eating habits. Dianne Lazer, the owner, also provides speech and feeding services for pediatric, adult and geriatric populations.


"Healthy Eating" resources for you and your family


Now available on - newly released special nutrition books for children! Click each cover to view larger image!   To purchase, click the link below the image, visit Healthy Living Children's Books page or contact T'zuna Bria Publishing Company at


ALSO available on - the newly released e-book, Our Brain and the Good  Breathing Book - a must have for breathing educators working with the pediatric population. To purchase, click the link to the right of the image below!

"Good breathing book is an excellent resource for children, providing simple but highly effective breathing exercises and stories to improve breathing patterns.  Persistent mouth breathing can cause serious health complaints in children, and it is important that this negative habit is addressed as early on as possible in a child's life. I highly recommend the Good breathing book."

Patrick McKeown author of The Oxygen Advantage

Dianne Lazer provides the following services:


  • Speech-Language-Feeding/Swallowing-Auditory Processing-Voice Evaluations + Therapies for children and adults

  • Therapy to correct a disordered swallow pattern (tongue thrust)

  • Assistance with eliminating oral sucking/nail biting habits and open mouth/low tongue postures

  • Correction of persistent /r/, /l/, /s/, /z/, /sh/, /ch/ sounds

  • Accent Modification Programs for individuals and Corporations

  • Voice Evaluations

  • Buteyko Breathing Method for adults and children.


Any other questions, please visit the Request Information page and we will get back to you right away!

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