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Accent Modification Program

  • Designed for English as a Second Language (ESL) students at the intermediate English or above level who are interested in learning helpful strategies to improve their communication skills.

  • Students learn practical techniques to use in everyday speech quickly, easily and at an affordable price.  Real life speaking situations are emphasized.

  • Students also receive a list of valuable resources that may be helpful toward improving their English-speaking skills (computer-assisted therapy programs also available).

  • Group and individual instruction are arranged through the Marlton clinic, corporate settings or at an organization's locations.

  • Instruction is offered as a two part plan.


Part I. A Six-Week Introductory Course


This program gives students practical information to use in everyday speech. Special emphasis is placed in teaching English prosody skills and modeling correct production of common articulation and grammatical errors transferred from the student's native language.   The introductory course is helpful because it is a quick, easy way to teach students basic techniques and strategies to use in their daily speech.  It also gives students the confidence they need to move onto a more intensive therapy program.


Part II. Intensive Therapy Program


Focus is on effective mastery of the techniques learned in the introductory course as well as emphasis on figurative language (idioms, multiple meaning words, etc) and other more advanced speech patterns. Therapy at this level is individualized according to the needs of the student and the native language he speaks.

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