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Thumb/Digit Sucking

Parents are distressed by it. Children can suffer harmful effects as a result of it. T'zuna Bria Speech & Feeding Services wants to help. Services are now available to assist children (five years and older) and adults in eliminating the habit in a positive, non-threatening manner.


Oral sucking (thumb, finger, tongue) and nail biting habits can not only cause problems with hygiene and social implications, there are also dental aspects that need to be considered. Excessive sucking of the thumb, finger, tongue and/or nail biting habits can create problems with the relationship of the jaw and teeth, and interfere with normal patterns of dental eruption and alignment. Speech and swallowing problems can result, and appearance can be affected.


Therapy to eliminate oral sucking habits focuses on ways to motivate children and adults to WANT to bring these habits under control. The key to therapy is getting the individual to take responsibility for changing the behavior and help the family maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the process. What works well for one child may not work for another. That's why it is important that parents take an active role. By working with the therapist, parents learn positive reinforcement techniques to help keep the child motivated and active in the program.


Call for a complimentary telephone consultation and start the program with your child today!

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