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Buteyko Breathing Program

Breathe Better, Be Healthier!

...with the Buteyko Breathing Method


  • Few people, lay or professional, know that"


  1. breathing directly regulates body chemistry, including pH, electrolyte balance, blood flow, hemoglobin chemistry, and kidney function, and that

  2. breathing is a behavior subject to the same principles of learning as any other behavior, including the role of motivation, reinforcement, emotion, attention, perception, and memory.


Bringing together these two simple facts means integrating the biological and behavioral sciences in profoundly practical ways relevant to the lives of millions who have unwittingly learned breathing behaviors that compromise respiration and acid-base balance.


Fundamental to good respiration is the proper allocation of carbon dioxide; some of it is excreted in the lungs, but most of it is necessarily restored to the body for moment-to-moment acid-base regulation. Learned over breathing behavior results in a carbon dioxide deficit (behavioral hypocapnia) leading to an increased pH level in blood plasma (respiratory alkalosis) which may have profound immediate and long-term effects that trigger, exacerbate, and/or cause a wide variety of emotional (anxiety, anger), cognitive (attention, learning), behavioral (public speaking, test taking), and physical (pain, asthma) changes that may seriously impact health and performance. And, unfortunately, these kinds of symptoms and deficits typically go “unexplained” or are mistakenly attributed to other unrelated causes, e.g. an easy off-hand reference to stress. Over breathing is the most common form of faulty breathing in the nation, accounting for up to sixty percent of the ambulance runs in the nation’s major cities.”1


The Buteyko Breathing Method is a natural way of correcting poor health and reducing the symptoms of asthma, allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, panic attacks, stress, snoring, and sleep apnea and other disorders caused by a dysfunctional breathing pattern (chronic over-breathing).


It is a holistic approach that includes the special Buteyko breathing techniques and principles about exercise, nutrition and sleep that Dr. Konstantin Buteyko considered vital to good health. It consists of series of exercises designed to normalize the breathing pattern and reset the respiratory center.   Clinical trial results show improved quality of life with reduced asthma symptoms, as well as a 96% reduction in reliever use and a 49% reduction in preventer medication three months after adopting the Buteyko method.


The Buteyko Breathing Method was developed by Russian doctor and respiratory specialist Konstantine Buteyko, in the 1940’s. His method underwent extensive research in the ’50’s and was finally implemented into widespread use by the medical community in the 80’s. The Buteyko method is virtually unknown in the USA, but has received considerable recognition in Europe and Australia with six independent published trials in respectable medical journals, inclusion as an asthma therapy by a number of hospitals, debated in UK House of Parliament and offered by health insurance companies as a members's benefit.


1 Litchfield, Peter M. and Tsuda, Akira  Good breathing, bad breathing.  L’Esprit D’aujourdhui (2006); 8 (1), 47-57. (In Japanese, long version in English available at


Come and learn the underlying causes of asthma, sleep apnea, snoring, allergies, dental malocclusion, TMJ & other breathing related illnesses and drastically Reduce or End Symptoms of these conditions and/or eventually eliminate the need for medication, machines or appliances that are associated with these disorders.


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ALSO available on - the newly released e-book, Our Brain and the Good  Breathing Book - a must have for breathing educators working with the pediatric population. To purchase, click the link to the right of the image below.

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