Dianne Lazer, MA, CCC-SLP/COM, Lic. NJ/PA


Dianne Lazer, a Speech-Language Pathologist, is founder of T'zuna Bria Publishing Company, LLC. She is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and licensed to practice Speech-Language Pathology services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She is listed in the ASHA directory at www.asha.org, the New Jersey Speech Language Hearing directory at www.njsha.org and the International Association of Orofacial Myology directory at  www.iaom.com.  In addition, she is a Buteyko Breathing Technique Level II Certified Educator (completed the 10 day intensive training program at Boston Medical Center, April, 2012) and is listed on the Buteyko Breathing Educator's Association website (www.buteykoeducators.org).  Ms. Lazer graduated from The Ohio State University in 1979 with a BA degree in Communication Sciences and from Hofstra University in 1982 with a Master's degree in Speech Pathology.


In May, 2016, she sold her private practice in Marlton, NJ where she shared office space with a pediatric gastroenterologist and managed a multidisciplinary rehab team of specialists that included speech and feeding, occupational, reading, behavior, music and art therapy services to pediatric and adult populations for over 20 years. Currently, she is seeing patients at Dentistry for Special People under the direction of Zuhair Sayany, DMD in Cherry Hill, NJ.


She has worked with a variety of patient populations and clinical settings.  In 1985, she received the New York State Governor's Productivity Award presented by Mario Cuomo for a pilot project she developed and successfully implemented at a geno-psychiatric facility on Long Island.  This pilot program has been expanded to The Value System to better address current needs of adult and geriatric residents living in a variety of extended care settings.  The Value System is further described in the book she co-authored entitled, Adding Value to Long Term Care: An Administrator's Guide to Improving Staff Performance, Patient Experience and Financial Health.  The book was released by Jossey-Bass, Inc., Publisher June, 2000.


Ms. Lazer also co-authored and published a series of healthy living children's books called the Green Monster book series that highlights healthy eating and breathing techniques for the 3-8+year old age group.  The titles of the book include:  Ryan Fights the Green MonstersRoneet and the Fairy Princess Who Helped Conquer Her Fears of the Green Monsters, What's the Scoop on Poop, Michael and the Birthday Party and Our Bain and the Good Breathing Book. The books may be purchased through T'zuna Bria Publishing Company, LLC or on www.amazon.com.


Ms. Lazer's speech therapy practice includes working with pediatric speech, language, feeding and voice disorders, orofacial myofunctional therapy (digit sucking and "tongue thrust" for children and adults), oral motor articulation therapy (difficult sound remediation for /r/, /s/, /l/, /sh/) and adult accent modification therapy.


She has received several Awards for Continuing Education (ACE) from the American Speech, Language, Hearing Association (ASHA); 1994, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2010, 2012 and 2015 for her participation in several continuing education conferences. Many of these conferences were on the topic of oral motor articulation and feeding disorders. In 1998, she attended and successfully completed an intensive training conference given by the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM). Following this training conference, she passed an ASHA sponsored continuing education course relating to this specialty area and then 2005, passed a written exam and onsite clinical review of her therapy skills and became certified through the IAOM to provide myofunctional therapy services through her practice. To date, she is the first and only speech clinician in the southern NJ area with this advanced certification title.



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